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Resident Camp

For Kids

Resident Camp 2022 was AWESOME! We are almost certain that Summer 2023 will top it and be the BEST SUMMER EVER!

Among the things we've been working on with more diligence in recent years is living out our commitment that all kids -- every single one -- will be safe and welcome here. In particular, we've identified a number of ways we can be better at sending that message to those who identify as LGBTQ. Take a closer look at what we've been up to by clicking the "Every. Single. One." button.


Calumet has one-week sessions and two-week sessions available this summer.
The cost for a two week session of Resident Camp in 2023 is $1430. The cost of a one week session is $715. Sign up now and you can begin paying the camp fee over the next many months. Camperships are available for those experiencing need by contacting Julie.
Coach bus options are back for the summer of 2023! Buses will be available at the start of odd weeks for the trip up to Calumet, and again at the end of even weeks for departure from Calumet (along with a bus departing at the end of Week 7). Buses will have two pick-up/drop-off locations: Newington, CT and Worcester, MA. Click on the "Newington Bus" and Worcester Bus" buttons below for more information.

Calumet is the best summer camp in the world -- and there are thousands of former campers who whole-heartedly agree! For over 60 summers, kids from age 8 to 18 have been coming to Calumet to have the time of their lives. This is a place where life-long friendships are formed and nurtured, and God's love is embraced and shared. For everyone who signs up, we promise a safe, fun, faith-building time that you will never forget!


2023 Resident Camp Session Options

Week 1

June 25-July 1, 2023

Weeks 1+2

June 25-July 8, 2023

Calumet welcomes campers with special needs all summer, but has additional resources available during Weeks 1+2

Week 3

July 9-15, 2023

Weeks 3+4

July 9-22, 2023

Week 5

July 23-29, 2023

Weeks 5+6

July 23-August 5, 2023

Week 7

August 6-12, 2023