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The Names of our Village Cabins

Congregations of the Village

In 2009, when Calumet's Board of Directors made the decision to undergo a small Capital Campaign in the midst of the 2008-2010 recession, it was clear that it would be very difficult. At that time, Calumet was in a tough spot. Long-time director Don Johnson had retired a few years earlier and there was a period of self-reflection that seemed to have an impact on visits and on giving. We knew that fundraising campaign was a great way bring about some fun dreams and to boldly re-connect with Calumet Nation.

Among the important goals of the campaign was the effort to finally begin building the long-promised Village. Thanks to a lead gift from Pastor Dan and Faith Carlson, the campaign would come to be very successful. The first two buildings are made up of four lodging units with names that remember the four congregations served by the Carlsons during their ministry.

First of the Reformation, New Britain, CT

Emanuel, West Warwick, RI

St. Paul, Arlington, MA

Christ the King, Wilbraham, MA

As with many campaigns of this nature, Calumet was able to connect with congregations and donors all over. That campaign and those campaign goals would put Calumet back on a great path of communicating and connecting with Calumet Nation. Other major gifts would begin to come to help Calumet do any number of important updates and dreaming.

Individuals of the Village

In 2016, Calumet received a significant gift in the amount of $250,000 for the purpose of creating five new lodging spaces in the Village to be named for individuals who played a major part in the advancements made in the lives of Black Americans since the Civil War. The ELCA believes it's vital that we all participate -- both as individuals and as organizations -- in the dismantling of institutional racism. Calumet's Board of Directors, together with the Bishop's Office, determined that this gift was not only appropriate and befitting of the work we are trying to do, but very timely considering the significant challenges we face as Americans and as the Church.

The Village Cabins are named for five individuals who are among the most important people in the racial justice journey for this country. To be clear, it's important to note that there are literally countless people whose work has been important. In fact, most of those people will never be known, never be written about, never be studied, and never be remembered. As we remember and celebrate these five who are named here, we also memorialize all of those whose contributions were -- and continue to be -- vital to the fight for racial justice.

President Abraham Lincoln

Activist & Suffragist Harriet Tubman

Justice Thurgood Marshall

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

President Barack Obama

For decades, the ELCA has been committed to dismantling systemic racism. God wishes each one to be loved and valued. Each one throughout the entire Church can do more and must do more for the sake of justice for each and every single one.

Calumet Nation celebrates the lives and the work of these five individuals.