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Hospitality Internship Program (HIP)

Meet the HIP Team for 2023-2024

Roxane Shafaee Moghadam is from Rhode Island and served on Calumet's summer staff in the late 1990s.

Logan Gaudette is from Connecticut and worked with Todd this last summer in the Maintenance Department.

Will Wig is from Massachusetts and was Calumet's M & D Department Head during 2023.

Alyssa Beharry is from Connecticut and served on Calumet's summer staff during 2023 as the Unit Leader for Yellows.

What is *HIP* at Calumet?

Calumet began its Hospitality Internship Program (HIP) -- a 9 month program here at camp for people over the age of 18 -- in September 0f 2023. The thinking behind its creation was rooted in created space and opportunity for high school graduates looking for a "Gap Year" ... or a college student needing to take a year off ... or someone who is in the middle of a lifetime and experimenting with re-invention, or someone who has just retired and wants to jump into a new stage of life with bold excitement! This is a great program for participants and it's a great program for Calumet.

The Process -- Organizers and leaders came together and developed a process that included an application process and a listing of basic qualifications, including: Over the age of 18 ... Valid Driver's License ... Able to move swiftly, lift as much as twenty five pounds, and live a simple life ... Can pass a background check ... Basic laptop and/or smartphone ... Working knowledge of what Calumet is all about including a familiarity with the Lutheran Christian perspective ... and a commitment to working collaboratively as part of a team.

The Perks -- The Interns chosen to participate (1) live at Calumet with the most basic level of warm/safe/dry accommodations, (2) are fed very well by Calumet's awesome food service team, (3) receive a weekly stipend of $300, (4) work to build a portfolio that includes program planning, implementation, evaluation, and (5) receive extensive training in every aspect of how to provide the awesome Calumet experience.

The Coordinators -- The Interns will work all year long with two Calumet leaders -- Karin Olson and Knute Ogren. In addition to bringing together a huge amount of information and training opportunities, Karin & Knute have identified a whole host of experts and alums to connect with the HIP team members during the year for learning opportunities and experiences for personal growth.