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Summer Staff Opportunities 2024

For 2024, Calumet's leadership will be making a major step toward the direction of Resident Camp staff compensation that is more reflective of summer camp salaries at camps throughout the network of ELCA camps. It's been long-needed, and Calumet is serious about moving ahead with boldness.

Every Resident Camp staff position at Calumet will be receiving a significant bump in compensation, and will ultimately be dependent on the person's certifications and ability to meet the requirements in terms of length of service. Also, all summer staff will be expected to participate in a variety of training experiences *BEFORE* their arrival to Calumet.

Tier One: $310 to $375/week Program Director; Waterfront Director; Leadership Program Trainer

These 8-10 people are some of Calumet's most senior level staff members during the summer time. So much of challenging work that makes Calumet awesome is work that lands on their shoulders. The work of these individuals will start in the early springtime with planning meetings, trainings, orientations, and idea-dreaming.

Tier Two: $280 to $290/week Unit Leader; Department Head; Day Camp Head Counselor

These individuals who serve in what we call *PUDDLE* positions are the people who "get it" when it comes to leadership, service, and creativity. Often times, it's a person who has risen high above the bar in previous summers at Calumet who are placed in these important positions.

Tier Three: $240 to $270/week Senior Counselor

After a summer of getting acclimated to all that happens during a season at Calumet, a person will apply for a position as a Senior Counselor. This person is someone who understands the mission, is excellent with both children and peers, and is driven to be part of another's transformational time at camp. There are some who are hired on in this position who -- though never having been here before -- have showcased promise and energy during their resepctive interview process. Calumet urges anyone who thinks they have gifts for camp ministiry to apply.

Tier Four: $225/week Kitchen Team; Maintenance Team

There are a number of support roles at Calumet that requires people who have gifts for service, but who don't have any particular passions to be working with kids every hour of every single day as, say -- a counselor. In addition to lodging and food, these staff members receive excellent training in all aspects of the job they're hired to do. While on staff, these staff members are encouraged to participate in the whole life of camp!

Tier Five: $600-$800 Junior Counselor

Most staff members who are hired to serve as Junior Counselors are people who participated in one of Calumet's Leadership Training programs (CIT or L&S). But not always. Anyone who is 17 years old is encouraged to apply! A person who is a Junior Counselor spends half the summer in a cabin, learning and growing as a counselor. The other half of the summer is spent experiencing all aspects of Calumet's ministry: campground, lifeguard, program assistant, kitchen support, maintenance support, and more.