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Reach the Beach 2015

A Huge Success! $68,000+

Read about all of what went into RTB 2015.

RTB 2015

Summer Tees 2015

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Many thanks to alums Rebecca Caterson, Adam Robertson, Bryan Berlin, and Terence Mallon! These good people designed some of Calumet's 2015 Tees. Check them out and order yours today!

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Monthly Schedule

Everything coming up at Calumet!

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Who We Are

  • Sophie Granberry is one of Calumet's fantastic summer camp counselors. She grew up in Boston and started coming to Calumet when she was just a kid with a family friend. Fast forward a bunch of summers during which she met great friends, participated in one of Calumet's Leadership Training programs, and shared the Calumet Spirit with lots of kids. Sophie loves everything about Calumet so much that she even joined this year's "Reach the Beach" fundraiser. She's awesome.

  • Cam and Jerry have been among the biggest Calumet cheerleaders for many years. Jerry served on Calumet's Board of Directors for a number of years and he leads the Calumet seasonal hike for adults. Until 2013, Cam served on Calumet's summer staff as one of the key people in the Reservation Office who get the Resident Camp for Kids all set. Cam and Jerry believe in what happens here and are always quick to lend a hand. They are members at the Lutheran Church of the Nativity in North Conway, NH.

  • Adam Fales and Eric Eckblom are here at the very top of Calumet's Toboggan Run. Okay, okay ... we don't use toboggans - but we can't change the name of one of Calumet's iconic spots just because of that kind of small detail, can we? Adam is one of Calumet's fantastic staff people who leads all kinds of programs for children and youth. He has a mind for safety, fun, and development. Eric is the son of alum Brian Eckblom. The Eckbloms visit camp all year long and just love what happens here. I bet Eric will be at the top of the Toboggan Run soon.



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