Spring LutherHostel

Sing to the LordSing to the Lord

(Picture from a previous Lutherhostel field trip.)

APRIL 17 - 20, 2017


Chaplain: Pastor Richard Olson      

Presenters: Bill Ayadi & Joyce Hinckley

Musician and Coordinator: Judy Smith, Associate in Ministry, Calumet Staff  

This Lutherhostel retreat will provide an overview of the basic practices and beliefs of Islam and fit them into the Abrahamic continuum of Judeo-Christian-Islamic belief. Our presenters wil bring religious and secular art from Morocco to Pakistan for participants to experience a "hands-on" look at this culture. Music and scent will also be included. This Lutherhostel is designed to allow plenty of time for questions and discussion.

Bill Ayadi is a retired engineer, born in Tunisia and educated in Tunisia and Europe. Joyce Hinckley is a retired psychologist who is passionate about making connections across disciplines. Bil and Joyce are life long students of history, literature, and art.

For program content questions, please contact Judy Smith, Program Director.

  (603) 539-3223 ext. 226    judy@calumet.org

Lutherhostels at Calumet bring folks together to think and talk about the issues of the day. Discussions, short videos, presentations, and guest chaplains & speakers help us explore various topics in a beautiful setting. Calumet will feed your spirit, your soul and your body....our food is fantastic!

Get ready for some evening game playing including dominoes, Skip-Bo, cards and lots of popcorn!

  Pics from 2013's Spring Lutherhostel

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  Pics from 2015's Spring Lutherhostel

  Watch a video of the 2013 April Lutherhostel on the Abolitionist Movement in Northern New England

Contact Alice to make your reservation.

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