RTB Runners


There are 12 runners and 2 van drivers for each team.

1. INFO: Get in the loop by email expressing interest to knute@calumet.org.

2. PAYMENT: Runners pay a $100 fee (which counts as a donatoin to Calumet) to cover a portion of the race registration. 

 3. COMMUNICATION: Each runner connects with Pete Schiller (email provided) about contact info, running times, and preferences.

 4. FUNDRAISING: Every runner is their own fundraising entity. In 2016, we had 60 runners meaning we had 60 separate fundraisers! Runners will ask all kinds of people to make a gift in support of their run. Thanks to Bryan Berlin who continues to manage this important part of Calumet's Reach the Beach fundraising effort.

5. TRAINING: This is not a Mickey Mouse operation. Everyone on Calumet's RTB teams are people who are committed to being in good running shape come Setpember. Please, please, please -- Do not put the teams' success in jeopardy by taking a running spot but not being in good running shape. Runners who arrive unprepared hurt the teams. It's that simple. This is hard.

6. RACE RULES: Runners abide by official Reach the Beach codes and standards (which is pretty easy to do because we're Calumet people, after all).

7. CALUMET SPIRIT: Calumet runners and drivers are unbelievably flexible because, as we've learned over the years -- nearly anything can happen. We had a last minute drop out a few years back (the year when Karen Mele Lukeman joined the team with 24 hours notice, just in time to start her first LEG). We've had a few course injuries, one of which required (as course rules dictate) extra, unexpected running of the other runners. We've had experienced razor thin time clock margins when one Van got to a transition with literally seconds to spare. 

8. FUN: Calumet teams and their supporters enjoy every minute of the FUN. The Calumet Reach the Beach event puts the FUN in FUNdraising!

 Watch the second place winning video clip of Calumet All Stars' RTB 2013 experience. Calumet Staffer Adrien Groleau is awesomely funny and this video clip gives you a little glimpse of that gift.

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