Reach the Beach 2017

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Reach the Beach, 2017 -- Thursday, September 14 - Saturday 16

Reach the Beach 2016 was just fantastic! Another great run and another wonderful show of support for Camp Calumet's Annual Fund. More than 1000 gifts came from over 800 donors. We had to get the adding machines out of the closet. $87,000! Wow!! And 

Reach the Beach is no small endeavor. In fact, it has become one of Calumet's major fundraisers and it involves a whole lot of people. 60 runners. 10 drivers, 5 congregations offering race logistical support, 60 congregations offering runner sponsorship, legions of volunteers, a couple of handfuls of support staff, countless followers on Facebook, and one thousand donors.


 Take a look at a typical Reach the Beach race schedule for a runner / driver on one of Calumet's teams.

  Race Schedule

Calumet has been participating in Reach the Beach since 2010. Check out Calumet's Reach the Beach History.

  Calumet's RTB History

It's a serious commitment to agree to serve as a runner or driver for Reach the Beach. See all that is expected of Calumet's Reach the Beach runners and drivers.


Many hands make light work. Find out how YOU can help Calumet with Reach the Beach this Seprtember! 


Create a Thrivent Action Team to help your congregation raise money for Calumet's Reach the Beach effort!


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