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logo thrivent homeEvery once in a while, someone will ask us why they hear about Thrivent so much in mailings and at fundraising events. Thrivent Financial is a not-for-profit company that offers financial services to all people. It traces roots back to two companies that were important partners to the Lutheran Church - Lutheran Brotherhood and Aid Association for Lutherans. It's a big company that helps people plan for retirement, figure out insurance needs, and supports the work of all kinds of charitable entities, Lutheran and otherwise. Calumet is the beneficiary of lots of Thrivent support through the work of local chapters that are scattered all over New England and through something called Thrivent Choice Dollars. There are many Thrivent members who are allotted Thrivent Choice Dollars which can be sent along to a place like Calumet. If you're one of those Thrivent members, please consider choosing Calumet to receive those important Thrivent Choice Dollars!

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Here's how to do it by phone:

1. Call 1-800-THRIVENT (1-800-847-4836) and state "Thrivent Choice.".

2. State Choice Dollars when prompted.

3. Press 1 to direct Choice Dollars.

4. Enter or speak your social security number or Thrivent ID number.

5. Your call will then be transferred to an operator for completion.

6. Our Organization Name is listed as:  “Camp Calumet Lutheran Ministries”, 1090 Ossipee Lake Road, West Ossipee, NH  03890 

Here's how to do it online:

1. Log on to

2. Sign in with your username and password or register for an account.

3. Once you have registered and signed in, select the “Direct Choice Dollars” button for Thrivent Choice in the right hand side.

4. In the middle of the next page, type in “Calumet” in the “Organization Name” box, leave “City” blank, and click search.

5. Next to our name (listed as Camp Calumet Lutheran Ministries), click the “Direct Now” button. You will be able to assign all or part of your choice dollars to Calumet. Recurring Thrivent Dollar designation is no longer an option. In order for Calumet to receive your Thrivent Choice Dollars, you'll need to make the designation each and every year. We'll help you remember to do so! We promise! Thanks!

6. Click the “submit” button and your Thrivent Choice Dollars will be sent to Calumet.

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