Church Office Staff Retreat

Office Staff 2012Office Staff 2012

MAY 7 - 9, 2017 ~ Sunday afternoon thru Tuesday lunch 

Musician and all around fun leader: John Read, Director of Music at First Lutheran Church, West Barnstable, MA

Calumet Reps: Knute Ogren & Judy Smith

Bulletins, newsletters, communications...oh my!  So much work goes on behind the scenes, helping churches to function and carry out their mission, that it really shouldn't be called "adminstration," it should be called "ad-ministry!" This retreat is dedicated to all the support staff that help keep congregations throughout the Synod stay informed, enlightened, and on schedule.

Examples of retreat sessions have included copyright information, digital photography, church safety, CPR, stress relief techniques, and more.

The time away will include opportunity to think, to read, to reflect, to sing, to enjoy delicious food, to check out the beautiful grounds of Camp Calumet, and to have tons of fun.

During the 2016 retreat, we:

* Shared in songs of old, particularly old-school jingles from TV commercial! John is getting geared up for this! Ha!!

* Enjoyed evotional times which include meandering walks around the property as we breathe deeply.

* Explored areas of work life that can bring wholeness and fulfillment as we answer God's call in our offices.

* Went on two field trips! One to Hobbs Tavern. Check it: HOPS & HYMNS. The other was to Cathedral Ledge for some wonderful views.

* And a classic Yankee Swap. It's a tradition. A $10 gift and have it all wrapped up!

  Photos from the 2015 Retreat

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